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The bill of lading is the single most important transportation documentation. Yet there are two types: straight bill of lading, order bill of lading and three form type: long form bill of lading, short form bill of lading and pre-printed form bill of lading. Briefly explain the purpose of each and how and when each should be used.

Reference no: EM131147614

Determine the reorder point and the inventory position

The information technology department of State University buys paper for its copier machine frequently. The office manager would like to determine the best quantity to order e

Illustrate instances of customer satisfaction

From the case study and e-Activity, determine the key reasons why Southwest Airlines has such high customer satisfaction ratings in comparison with other airlines. Provide t

Rescission is the voiding of an offer before acceptance

If you file a lawsuit against someone for breach of contract and are successful at trial, you are always guaranteed to have your attorney’s fees paid. The State of Maryland is

Discuss resource management based on ethical approaches

Discuss resource management based on ethical approaches used during crisis management. Consider issues such as patient triage or current as well as incoming patients, supply,

Contrast forecasting the internal labor market

Part of forecasting a firm's labor supply requires an understanding of current and future skill and competency trends in the labor market. Compare and contrast forecasting the

Capital requirement for the company and break-even point

A pop-up agency for the art industryin London. A platform where artist studios and emerging galleries can be temporarily rented by other players in the field seeking exposure.

Explain main benefits of the just in time system

What are at least three main benefits of the just-in-time system? Present and explain them. What are at least three main drawbacks/problems of the just-in-time system?

What are the implications of this for future research

Are there any important contradictions, arguments, disagreements, or divergences within this set of readings that point to potential areas for future research? How would you


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