Simple harmonic motion at a frequency

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A mass on a spring vibrates in simple harmonic motion at a frequency of 4.0 Hz and an amplitude of 4.0 cm. If a timer is started when its displacement is a maximum (hence x =4cm when t=0), what is the acceleration magnitude when t= 3 s? what is the speed of the mass when t= 3 s?

Reference no: EM131321240

Identify logistics management strategies

After reading material about John Lewis case, prepare a 3000-3500 word report ( executive summary, table of contents body, conclusions and recommendations) analysing the iss

Define the use of cookies for business to gather information

Explain the use of cookies for business to gather information for their products and Under what circumstances are you NOT opposed for a web site to gather information

Group life insurance plan

Doris started a business 2 years ago. The business has been successful, All of the following are usual eligibility requirements for participation in a group life insurance pla

Use the ribbon instead of toolbars and menus

View the American Psychological Association (APA) style report (6th edition). Next, review the APA requirements. Then, explain what you believe to be the most challenging as

Four communication management problems

What do you believe are the top four communication management problems commonly associated with advertising and promotion? Be sure to prioritize and explain your selections.

Functions of the marketing management process

How would you apply the four functions of the marketing management process in your role? In your answer, identify how a marketing manager might realize when it is time to fo

What were the strategic and cultural errors made

Your analysis of the Eurochem Shanghai case should explain what happened, what went wrong, what were the strategic and cultural errors made, how the problem can be fixed, an

Some marketing or consumption activities involve consumption

He actually found a willing volunteer and did just what he promised- he's now on trial for murder. If a person consents to be "consumed" in some way, is this still an ethica


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