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1. Apple Computer, considered by many standards to be an industry leader in consumer electronics, has experienced slower growth since the death of their charismatic CEO, Steve Jobs. Critics believe competitive companies are now producing products with innovations that meet or exceed those of Apple products. What strategic options are available to Apple to regain an offensive rather than defensive posture in the marketplace? Consider the "strategic options to improve a company's market position" proposed by the authors of our text. Use specific examples in describing if and how any of these options might apply. Are there other strategic options Apple should consider?

2. Google built their business success on a simple concept-paid keyword advertising. Although advertising remains the primary source of Google revenue, the company has explored a number of other ventures, including the recent introduction of hardware-Chromebooks and Google Glass. Google is also pursuing technological advances, such as driverless vehicles, which might lead to other commercialization opportunities. Some Google shareholders applaud this diversification, and others believe Google's diversification strategy is fragmenting their business to the point that Facebook, Amazon, and other companies can challenge their businesses. Using what you have learned about core competencies and diversification strategies, take a position on whether or not Google's current diversification approach makes sense. Justify your position, and give examples that support your point of view.

3. Procter and Gamble is well-known for their "build from within" strategy for developing management talent. In recent years, however, P&G has suffered a downturn in stock value and reputation due to lack of product innovation, lower sales, and lower morale. P&G retains a strong consumer brand, and a worldwide distribution. From a senior management standpoint, what steps should P&G follow to "build an organization capable of strategic execution?" How should senior management align human resource policy with their other corporate assets? Can P&G remain a worldwide leader in consumer products?

4. Companies of all sizes are under scrutiny by shareholders, customers, and in some instances, government regulators, regarding concrete evidence of ethical behavior, social responsibility, and environmental and sustainable business practices. There is some evidence that companies "do well by doing good," meaning that companies that strive to follow these practices have greater shareholder value than companies that do not. Of course, measuring these attributes is difficult, and shareholder value is always a moving target. Using examples from the course textbook or properly cited resources from current news items, discuss an example of how a specific company achieved strategic goals while at the same time maintaining one or more of the key attributes of ethical behavior, social responsibility, and environmental and sustainable business practices. Do you believe your example will have long-term positive results for the company, and why?

Reference no: EM131256181

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