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1) Research information related to how the computer forensics investigators in today’s world of the computer forensics investigations prepare for the execution of an actual investigation. What do you think are the most significant investigative approaches in the preparation for these cyber crime cases and what might be result of the poor investigator planning and preparation before start of the digital evidence collection, and processing?

Reference no: EM1315157


Discuss in detail why the differentiated services (DS) domain comprises of the set of contiguous routers? Also explain how the boundary node routers are different from inter

Data planning and enterprise modelling

Describe the major differences between two approaches for data planning and enterprise modelling and examine the integration? Why do these two methodologies usually produce

Pda and cell phone investigations

One of the aspects of the forensics procedure will be to secure and analyze the PDAs and Cell phones. What kinds of the tools may be selected for use in PDA and Cell phone i

Reasons to incorporate the venturing

Explain how are corporate ventures differentiated from other projects within the large organizations and from the entrepreneurial start-ups? List some of the reasons which i

Determining stationary points of function

Determine the stationary points of function F(x)=2x_1^3-3x_1^2-6x_1 x_2 (x_1-x_2-1). Which points among these are local minima, which are local maxima, and which are neither

Kinds of digital and logical evidence

State some of the kinds of the digital and logical evidence, and special content data investigators may require to gather during an actual cyber-terrorism case.

Determining different sales transactions

By using example of the retail clothing store in a mall, state the relevant data flows, data stores, processes, and the sources/sinks. Find out the different sales transacti

Application showing files name-size and last modifiaction

Make a file by utilizing any word-processing program or the text editor. Write down an application which shows the file's name, size, and time of the last modification.


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