Significant connections for families of an id child

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Significant Connections for Families of an ID Child (Benchmark Assessment)

a) Interview a teacher of students with Intellectual Disability. Specifically, focus your interview questions concerning the impact an individual with Intellectual Disability has on family structure. You may also want to center your questions on the collaborative skills necessary for teachers to possess when interacting with families who have a child with Intellectual Disability.

b) Next, attend an IEP meeting and/or conference for a student with Intellectual Disability.

i) During the meeting, note the interactions that take place, facilitation skills that are employed during the meeting, and the manner in which information is disseminated to parents.
ii) According to what you have learned in this course, are these interactions, skills, etc. appropriate in terms of effective interactions with parents of children with Intellectual Disability?
iii) Write a 1,000-1,250 word essay that chronicles your observations and reactions, using your

Reference no: EM13776689

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