Significant challenges for health policy
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One of the significant challenges for health policy is not necessarily the implementation of programs but the influence of the political climate in regard to both the financial support and control of the programs.

Based on your understanding of the topic, conduct a research and create a report on the political battle for universal healthcare in the United States.

Your report should include the following elements:

  • History of the national healthcare reform starting from the early days struggle for a national health plan to the present day.
  • Political struggle to pass PPACA.
  • Political impact of Medicare and Medicaid on the push for universal coverage.
  • Major issues from the legislative and executive (presidential) perspective. Who were the opponents and supporters?
  • The politics surrounding the national health insurance agenda and its impact on the PPACA.

Note: Your report should include at least four references from reputable sources.

In a Microsoft Word document, create a 3- to 4-page report on your research on the political battle for universal healthcare in the United States.

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