Significance of natural and assignable causes of variation
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Task 1

Evaluate the two basic types of inspection used in sampling for process control.

There are two principle inspection methods used in the sampling process Identify and then evaluate these methods

Task 2

Describe the significance of natural and assignable causes of variation. During a quality inspection of a product you can have either natural or assignable causes of variation.

Identify and describe the significance of these variations.


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The two principal inspection methods in sampling process are acceptance sampling and control chart. Under the acceptance sampling method, a random sample is drawn from the entire population and then the sample is evaluated on the basis of the set rules and policies. If the sample drawn meets the conditions required for the purpose of the analysis and the overall process control, then the entire population is accepted.

This form of inspection under the sampling method is very common and in day to day form of business process, there is more prevalence of this form of inspection only. On the other hand under control chart a chart is prepared using the simple graphical technique.

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