Siddhartha chooses to reject buddha teachings
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  1. Siddhartha slowly loses touch with his inner voice while experiencing the sensual and material world. Could have Siddhartha attained enlightenment without living through "Samsara?" Was the sensual and material world an essential component to his obtaining enlightenment, or was it an unnecessary detour? 
  2. Siddhartha chooses to reject Buddha's teachings and find his own path towards enlightenment. However, does not Siddhartha follow - perhaps at a subconscious level - the Buddha's philosophy, or does Siddhartha experience his own unique journey?   

The research paper is to be four to six pages in length and must strictly follow the format presented by the MLA. Chapter fifty in your textbook gives excellent illustrations.  The paper is due on 22 July 2016 . Other than the primary text, four other outside sources are to be used in the paper. Only use direct quotation from the primary text and, credible, outside sources. Please avoid summary or paraphrase. No late papers will be accepted. Please review Course Requirements and Grading for the submission requirements of the research paper.

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