Show two possible encodings for the cards

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(Encoding) To digitally manipulate information we must encode it using binary numbers. Consider an encoding for playing cards. There are 52 cards in a deck and they are divided into four suits with values from 1 to 13 (an ace is 1, jack is 11, queen is 12, king is 13). Show two possible encodings for the cards.

Reference no: EM131386183

Calculate height and velocity of balloon

The calculation of height and velocity should be done in a single function that will accept the time, calculate the height and velocity of the balloon and send both the heigh

Condition to resume sending messages related to application

Give an example that illustrates why P must not be allowed to do so and state a condition that defines when P may resume sending messages related to application.

Research a computer organization

You are to research a computer organization/computer architecture topic and present your findings in a research paper. You should read various reference materials to gather

What have been done to stop this unsafe surge in valuation

Suddenly, the overpriced giants crashed. Individual investors lost millions and the NASDAQ (the stock exchange for most Internet companies) came tumbling down. What happened

Research about vendors and open-source solutions

Conduct research on vendors and open-source solutions that provide antivirus software for the three operating systems at MWS: Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. Prepare a paper

Determine the utilization factor of the plant

A textile plant requires 4 kg/s of saturated steam at 2 MPa, which is extracted from the turbine of a cogeneration plant. Steam enters the turbine at 8 MPa and 500°C at a ra

Evaluate the use of a distributed database management system

Evaluate the use of a Distributed Database Management System (DDBMS). As with most things, there are numerous advantage and many disadvantages. Evaluate and rank them. What wo

Create a matrix to indicate the permissions

Create a matrix to indicate the permissions (read, insert, delete, modify) you would grant to different users of your database.Create at least two different users and implemen


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