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Cross a vestigial winged fruit fly that is heterozygous for normal body color with an ebony fly that is heterozygous for normal wings. These traits are located on different chromosomes. Ebony body color and vestigial wings are recessive traits. Show the punnett square and phenotype of the resulting offspring.

Reference no: EM13153473

Discuss your understanding of dna fingerprinting technology

discuss your understanding of DNA fingerprinting technology. Next debate whether or not you would submit your DNA to a national DNA fingerprint database. Justify your respon

Bacteria infect on cells

You start to have a scratchy feeling in the back of your throat. After a few days it hurts to swallow, so you go to doctor. The doctor tells you that you have strep throat.

Propose an explanation for the inheritance of coat color

Multiple crosses were made between true-breeding lines of black and yellow Labrador retrievers. All F1 progeny were black. When this progeny were inter-crossed, they produce

Chase and christina were studying for their last anatomy

Chase and Christina were studying for their last anatomy and physiology exam of the semester. After reviewing his notes on meiosis, Chase said, "Well, since meiosis is the sam

Differences between populations large

Jerry Coyne proposes a question. At what point are the differences between populations large enough to make us call them different species? please answer question and defen

List the four types of neural circuits

List the four types of neural circuits and describe their similarities and differences. Discuss the unity of form and function in these four types - that means, explain why ea

Explain plants using a dichotomous key

Identifying plants is a great way to learn plant anatomy and learn about plants. There are many field guides that can help you identify plants, but one of the easiest ways t

Describe lytic replication and its five stages

Describe lytic replication and its 5 stages. Describe how the lysogenic replication cycle is different from the lytic replication cycle. Describe prophage, lysogenic convers


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