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Your company plans to produce a product for two more years and then to shut down production. You are considering replacing an old machine used in production with a new machine. The Old machine originally cost $552 and was bought Three (3) years ago (i.e. it has depreciated for three years). It could be sold today for $330 or sold in two years for $66. The New machine would cost $556 and could be sold in two years for $227. The new machine is more efficient than the old machine and would reduce waste, and therefore the cost of materials, by $179 per year. Due to the lower waste, we could also have a one-time reduction in inventory of 17. The firm's tax rate is 41%. Both machines are in the 4 year MACRS class, with depreciation amounts of 15%, 45%, 33% and 7%. What are the Operating Cash Flows in the first year (Year 1) with the new machine?

Reference no: EM1343238

Provide marketing researcher definition for given population

Provide the marketing researcher's definitions for given populations:- Columbia House, a mail-order house specializing in movie and television DVDs and music CDs, wants to d

Overarching failures of management of the chief counsels

Overarching Failures of Management of the Chief Counsels report from the National Commission on the BP Deep water Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling.

Identify a well known organization

Identify a well-known organization that has been "caught" in an audit nightmare. What might the corporation have done to avoid a catastrophe?Was the blunder a recoverable on

The defense of contributory negligence against the plaintiff

Could the defendant manufacturer of the fire extinguisher raise the defense of contributory negligence against the plaintiff if the plaintiff's negligence starte4d the fire?

What in general will the project achieve

What in general will this project achieve? What is the history of the problem? Why is this problem interesting? When and why does the problem occur? Is the problem already sol

Cost of capital based on another firms project

Develop a cost of capital for a specific project based on the cost of the capital for another firm which has a similar line of business as the project the manager

What is the comet''s speed at its perihelion

What is the comet's speed at its perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) where its distance from the Sun is 8.400 × 1010 m? The mass of the Sun is 1.987 × 1030 kg

Write a memo outlining exactly what a mission statement is

Write a memo outlining exactly what a mission statement is, why firms develop such statements, how firms use mission statements, and your thoughts on what the firm's mission


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