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Question: The online school, UTrainMe will offer various discounts on training business course fees. Students can receive one or more discounts if they register for multiple courses or are employed by UTrainMe's corporate clients. Here are the three specific rules:

• All students are eligible for a Discount A when they enroll for a second course.

• Whether or not they register for multiple courses, any student who currently is employed by one of UTrainMe's corporate clients will be eligible for a Discount B.

• From time to time, Annie Dade, as client service representative, will waive the employment requirement for a Discount B. Annie plans to use that discount as a marketing tool.

Using Microsoft Word SmartArt (e.g. Horizontal Hierarchy, "change shape" for shapes and line with arrows, "insert text box" for arrows' captions), create a decision tree analysis to show the logical rules for tuition fees and discounts described above.

Note: Discount A and B are used instead of the actual discount rates as the rates can be updated in the future. Your outcomes of your decision tree should be the respective discount(s) applied.

Your submission: • Submit your Microsoft Word Document, with your decision tree.

Reference no: EM132185201

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