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Address both of the scenarios listed below. Support your responses with appropriate cases, laws, and other relevant examples research and cite research, using APA guidelines.

Cleveland's Conflict

Cleveland really admired Babe Reilly, the new pitcher for the city's professional baseball team. Reilly was just 19 years old, yet he was the team's number-one pick. Cleveland knew that Reilly needed an agent; therefore, Cleveland devised a scheme so that he could be Reilly's agent. Cleveland would just present himself as Reilly's agent to a company that wanted Reilly to advertise its sporting gloves. Cleveland had a friend that worked for the board of that company. Cleveland reasoned that once Reilly became aware of the lucrative deal that Cleveland secured on his behalf, Reilly would officially appoint Cleveland as his agent. Is this proper behavior to establish an agency relationship? Compare authorization of an agent by appointment and by ratification.

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