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Question - Record adjusting entries

Golden Eagle Company prepares monthly financial statements for its bank. The November 30 and December 31 adjusted trial balances include the following account information:


November 30

December 31










Prepaid insurance





Salaries payable





Unearned rent revenue





The following information also is known:

a. Purchases of supplies in December total $4,600.

b. No insurance payments are made in December.

c. $13,000 is paid to employees during December for November salaries.

d. On November 1, a tenant pays Golden Eagle $3,000 in advance rent for the period November through January. Unearned Revenue is credited.

Required - Show the adjusting Entries that were made for supplies, prepaid insurance, salaries payable, and unearned revenue on December 31.

Reference no: EM132234899

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