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Consider a Markov decision problem with M states in which some state, say state 1, is inherently reachable from each other state.

(a) Show that there must be some other state, say state 2, and some decision, k2, such that P(k2) 0.

(b) Show that there must be some other state, say state 3, and some decision, k3, such that either P(k3) 0 or P(k3)0.

(c) Assume, for some i, and some set of decisions k2, ... kthat, for each j,2 ≤ ≤ i, (k) Pjl > 0 for some l j (i.e., that each state from 2 to has a non-zero transition to a lower numbered state). Show that there is some state (other than 1, ... i), say + 1 and some decision ki+1  such that Pi+1,l 0 for some ≤ i.

(d)  Use (a), (b), and (c) to observe that there is a stationary policy k1, ... kM for which state 1 is accessible from each other state.

Text Book: Stochastic Processes: Theory for Applications By Robert G. Gallager.

Reference no: EM13909545

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