Show that the head loss in a hydraulic jump formed

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1.Show that the head loss in a hydraulic jump formed in a rectangular channel may be expressed as : change in E =(y2 - y1)^3/(4y1*y2) where y1 and y2 are depth of flow before and after jump.

2.Granny viola has been saving money in the Bread and Butter mutual fund for 15 years . She has been a steady depositor over those years and has a pattern of putting $100 into the account every 3 months. If her original investment 15 years ago was $500 and interest in the account has varied as shown, what is the current value of her savings? years interest Earned in the account 1-5 12% compounded quarterly 6-10 16 compounded quarterly 10-15 8 compounded quarterly

Reference no: EM13546946

Express the velocity vb = - f b in terms of x va and s

Collars A and B slide along the fixed rods and are connected by a cord of length L. If collar A has a velocity vA = to the right, express the velocity vB = - f B in terms

Select beam dimensions nd reinforcement for balanced section

Select the beam dimensions and reinforcement for a balanced section if the beam sustains a moment as a result of dead load of 60 kip-ft and a moment as a result of live load

Determine the value of p for which motion occurs

Two 8-kg blocks A and B resting on shelves are connected by a rod of negligible mass. Knowing that the magnitude of a horizontal force P applied at C is slowly increased from

Compute the relative density over consolidation ratio

A cone penetration test has been conducted and has measured a con resistance of 85 kg/cm^3 at a depth of 10m. the vertical effective stress at this depth is 159KPa and the o

Determine what is the probability that all four have defect

If the defect rate for the flash drivers is 0.5% and you randomly select four of them for inspection: a) What is the probability that none of them has a defect b) What is the

Design the mosteconomical truss that will support the load

A bridge having a horizontal top cord is span between tow piers Aand B having an arbitrary height. It is required that apin-connected truss be used, consisting of steel member

Will stress cause composite to fail before tensile strength

a ceramic matrix composite contains internal flaws as large as 0.001 cm in length. The plane strain fracture toughness of the composite is 45 MPa sqr(m), and the tensile str

Determine an optimal production schedule for the month

For each radio produced during months 1 and 2, a $10 variable cost is incurred; for each radio produced during month 3, a $12 variable cost is incurred. The inventory cost i


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