Show how the hodgkin-huxley fast subsystem depends

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Show how the Hodgkin-Huxley fast subsystem depends on the slow variables: i.e., show how the nullcline moves as and are changed, and demonstrate the saddle-node bifurcation in which and disappear.

Reference no: EM13208783

Desirable characteristics is robustness of the operating

Regardless of the operating system used, from MS-DOS to Macintosh OS X, from Windows to Linux, to OS/400, one of the key desirable characteristics is robustness of the operati

What if we use four hash functions

For the situation of our running example (8 billion bits, 1 billion members of the set S), calculate the false-positive rate if we use three hash functions? What if we use f

Design the logic for a program

Using Visual Logic: Design the logic for a program that allows a user to entry 15 numbers, then displays each number and its difference from the numeric average of the numbers

An exhaustive search of the key space

1.Consider the following threats to Web security and describe (in detail) how each is countered by a particular feature of SSL:a. Brute-Force Cryptanalytic Attack: An exhausti

Show fetch-execute cycle for instruction that clears

Using the register operation's, show the fetch-execute cycle. Show the fetch-execute cycle for an instruction that clears A (i.e., sets A to 0).

Find examples of digital products with a bad

Find examples of digital products with a bad and a good UI. Individual work - Find an example of a good and an example of a bad user interface (UI) from two digital products

Individual traffic light has at least three states (g.y,r)

Consider a traffic light system at a four-way crossroads (two roads intersecting at right angles) with a countdown timer, a crosswalk button, and a speaker that announces it's

Determine the closed-loop gain and output impedance

The amplifier shown in Fig. 12.90 provides a closed-loop gain close to unity but a very low output impedance. Assuming λ > 0, determine the closed-loop gain and output imped


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