Show how do you believe technology will change

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Thinking about your present or dream job, how has technology changed the method the job is performed? What are the ramifications of the constant evolution of technology in the workplace for you personally? Show how do you believe technology will change the workplace, the marketplace, or how you live in the next five years?

Reference no: EM13663777

Calculate next year''s eps using different leverage ratios

The CEO of Ink Imagination (II) wants to calculate next year's EPS using different leverage ratios. II's total assets are $5 million, and its marginal tax rate is 40 percent.

Why does given book pay so much attention to gentiles

Why does this book pay so much attention to Gentiles? Cory, Catherine A. A Voyage through the New Testament. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008. Print. This

Create powerpoint presentation on language development

Create PowerPoint presentation on language development. You will be covered in the workshop. Your newsletter or presentation should be focused towards gaining attendance to th

How did this video help you to better understand the trail

Pick three specific events from the video that stood out to you. Explain what those events were, and why you think they were significant.How did this video help you to bett

How to carry out some simple operations

Suppose that you are a supervisor or manager with a new employee. Describe to the employee in writing how to carry out some simple operations. Select an suitable page layout

Construct a working thesis statement

For this assignment, you will construct a working thesis statement that defines in detail the conflict you will analyze, the two texts you will address, and the literary dev

Difference between us and other animals

Everyone who observes them at length marvels at the intelligence of dolphins. And rightly so. They can accomplish mental feats that one think impossible for humans to accomp

Enforced leisure

One of the public services that endured during a time of adversity was the public libraries. According to Novotny, during the Great Depression, library use increased sharply a


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