Should the patient have the right to sue the hospital

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A 35 year old woman reported to the ER with severe anemia, chest pain, and fatigue. The patient completed all of the necessary admission paperwork. The patient verbally stated to the nurse that she was a Jehovah's Witness. She also stated that it was against her religion to accept a blood transfusion. The patient's hemoglobin was extremely low.

The nurse failed to document the patients request for refusal. After the ER physician assessed the patient he performed an immediate blood transfusion. The nurse that conducted the intake was in another patient's room during the assessment and treatment.

After the procedure the ER physician explained the benefits of procedure to the patient. The patient immediately became angry. The patient wanted to be immediately discharged. She also stated verbally that she would sue the hospital.

Should the patient have the right to sue the hospital?

If you were the manager of the ER unit how would you address this situation?

Is the ER provider at fault? Is the nurse at fault?

Would you forward this case to an ethics committee? Why or why not? Please explain.

Assignment Requirements

Compose a 2 page essay detailing the answers to the questions listed above. The essay should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Reference no: EM131398379

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