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The rancher who owns the land is willing to sell the land for 2 million. Should the government proceed with this project (with no end date), assuming that annual benefits are steady at 110,000 per year? The interest rate is 4 percent.

Reference no: EM13984375

Consumer surplus in market

Suppose the total benefit a consumer enjoyed from consuming each of six cookies were $8+ $6 + $5 + $4 + $3 + $1. If the price of each cookie were $1, what would be the consu

What impact will high and variable rates of inflation

What impact will high and variable rates of inflation have on the economy? How will they influence the risk accompanying long-term contracts and related business decisions?

Displaying annual growth rates for nations

Consider the following table displaying annual growth rates for nations X, Y, and Z, each of which entered 2009 with real per capita GDP equal to $20,000: Which nation most li

Measured inaccurately by either income or expenditure method

Although GDP is a reasonably good measure of a nation's output, it does not necessarily include all transactions and production for that nation. Which of the following scenari

Contribution in main topic-respond with value added comments

“Before there was Paris Hilton, there was Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan – a Gilded Age heiress and socialite, re-nowned for her beauty and wealth. Now Ms. Balsan’s onetime Hampto

Monopoly faces demand curve with price elasticity

At the current level of? production, a monopoly faces a demand curve with a price elasticity of 0.8. This means it should? __________.  Consider a model where we attempt to ev

In the article how racism doomed baltimore

In the article "How Racism Doomed Baltimore," in the New York Times, the author argues that rather than reflecting a history of racial discrimination policies, the problems in

What will these prices be and what is consumer surplus

A monopolist has two sets of customers. The inverse demand for Group 1 is described by P1 = 200 – Q1. For Group 2, the inverse demand is P2 = 100 – Q2. The monopolist faces co


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