Should the government mandate testing for the asf gene

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For this assignment, assume that, in fact, science has been able to identify the particular gene that is associated with an increased risk of adult antisocial behavior in that persons with this gene are four times more likely to commit a felony from the ages of 18-30 than are persons who lack this gene (call the culprit gene ASF, short for AntiSocial Factor).

What should you do with this information? For this task, you may want to research how governments have used genetic information in the past (e.g,, phrenology was routinely used in the 19th century in America and Europe, and has since been discredited).

Specifically, you are to create and justify a policy regarding how this knowledge should be used. Should people be tested for ASF? If they test positive for it, what should be done? It is permissible to answer in the negative: you can argue that people should not test for ASF and should not use that information for policy purposes.

Your response should address the following:

Should the government mandate testing for the ASF gene? Why or why not?

Answer the following questions even if you believe that the government should not test for ASF:

If the government does test for the ASF gene, what should be done about people who test positive for the ASF gene? For example, should they be denied a security clearance for sensitive jobs? Explain and justify your position.

What additional conditions or safeguards would you want in place if ASF testing were used?

If a person with the ASF gene is convicted of a crime, should his or her ASF status be considered as part of his or her sentencing? If yes, how so?

Include a title page, abstract, and separate reference page.

2-3 pages

Reference no: EM132280475

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