Should the company increase or decrease its order size

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The Trektronics store begins each month with 740 phasers in stock. This stock is depleted each month and reordered. The carrying cost per phaser is $26 per year and the fixed order cost is $340.

What is the total carrying cost?
What is the restocking cost?
Calculate the economic order quantity.
Calculate the optimal number of orders per year.
Should the company increase or decrease its order size?

Reference no: EM13335052

By how much would aerelons shares be expected to fall

If Aerelon has 65 million shares outstanding, an equity cost of capital of 12%, and no debt, by how much would Aerelon's shares be expected to fall in price as a result of t

Calculate the npv with a discount rate of the low-emission

The cost of the low-emission (replacement) equipment is $50,000 for each of the companys two existing production lines, totaling $100,000, if the company insatlled the equi

What is sorensons expected stock price in 7 years

sorenson corp.'s expected year-end dividend is d1= 4.00, its required return is rs=11%, its dividend yield is 6%, and its growth rate is expected to be constant in the futur

What are company xs capital structure weights on a market

Company X has 4 million shares of common stock outstanding. The current share price is $76, and the book value per share is $5. Filer Manufacturing also has two bond issues

What is maximum initial cost company would be willing to pay

The cost-saving proposal is somewhat riskier than the usual project the firm undertakes; management uses the subjective approach and applies an adjustment factor of 3 percen

What is the price of a treasury note paying an annual coupon

What is the price of a treasury note paying an annual coupon of 5.06 percent if investors' required rate of return is 6.09 percent on similar bonds. Treasury notes pay inter

Determine what is the cash flow to creditors during 2014

Weiland Co. shows the following information on its 2014 income statement: sales = $157,000; costs = $81,100; other expenses = $4,400; depreciation expense = $10,100; interes

Calculate the approximate cost of ending inventory and cost

Assuming the price level increased from 1.2 at January 1 to 1.55 at December 31, 2013, use the dollar-value LIFO retail method to calculate the approximate cost of ending in


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