Should non-vaccinators be penalized for the harm they do

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This assignment is based upon the article "Free to Choose but Liable for the Consequences: Should Non-Vaccinators Be Penalized for the Harm They Do?," found in the Reading & Study folder.

Please respond to the following:

- Summarize the article's major points

- Without reading beyond page one, what would you do ni the case of young Michael and why?

- Provide a brief opinion piece to the paragraph on p. 608 that states,

"One who knows he or she has a highly infectious disease canreadilty foresee the danger that the disease may be communicated to others with whom the infected person comes into contact. As a consequence, the infected person has a duty to take reasonable precautions-whether by warning others or by avoiding contact with them-to avoid transmitting the disease."

- Conduct a little research and determine which states have mandatory vaccination requirements and which have philosophical exemptions?

The assignment is to be written as a paper. One source should be given to support your response in addition to citing the assigned article, which is already embedded in the course. You should use APA format, 12 font, doublespace, and writebetween 450-500 words maximum.

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Solution APA style of references provided. Solution is provided as per the requirement of the 4 questions whereas the summary of the article is provided, brief opinion, and research on 50 states. Answers are specifically targeted to the questions.

Reference no: EM13969963

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