Should manitoba adopt a single transferable vote
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Write a paper on Topic: Should Manitoba adopt a single transferable vote (STV) electoral system for provincial elections?

12---point font,  double---spaced. Stapled.

Format: Introduction, Body (including supporting evidence), Conclusion

Instructions: Following the approaches presented in class, write a research paper that addresses the following research question:

You will need to develop your own thesis sentence for the first paragraph, following the criteria set out

In last semester’s tutorials. The paper should include at least two subtopics with evidence and arguments to support your thesis statement.

This paper will require several improvements over the Papers  written last semester. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Quality thesis sentences (as specified in last semester’s tutorials);
  • Overall structure of the paper makes sense;
  • Each paragraph points back to and relates to the thesis sentence;
  • All paragraphs must have a clearly identifiable topic sentence;
  • Paragraphs cannot have more than 5-­-6 sentences
  • Well---proofed, absolutely no typos or phrasing issues;
  • At least FIVE peer---reviewed academic sources (either journal articles or chapters in
  • Edited volumes), in addition to non---peer---reviewed sources.

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