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Cruise Division of Harold’s Company’s operating results include: controllable margin, $200,000; sales $2,200,000; and operating assets, $800,000. The Cruise Division’s current ROI is 25%, the minimum rate or return the company is seeking. Management is considering a project with sales of $100,000, variable expenses of $60,000, fixed costs of $40,000; and an asset investment of $150,000. Should management accept this new project?

Reference no: EM13135488

What is the balance in its common stock account after split

A company has 360,000 shares authorized, 200,000 shares issued, and 100,000 shares outstanding. The par value of its stock is $1 per share. The company does a 2-for-1 stock sp

Taxes and insurance payments be considered rental income

Parents hold the mortgage and deed to real estate property but their adult daughter lives in the residence and pays the mortgage. Her parents purchased the residence for the d

What amount of fica taxes-self employment-employment related

Kyle worked as a free-lance software engineer for the first three months of 2016. During that time, he earned $90,000 of self-employment income. What amount of FICA taxes (sel

What inventory costing method is the company using

A merchandising company has beginning inventory of 50 units with a total cost of $500. The following transactions during the month of January: 1/5 bought 10 units at $11.00 ea

Calculate the change in the key balance sheet accounts

Calculate the change in the key balance sheet accounts between 2014 and 2015 and classify each as a source (S), a use (U), or neither (N), and indicate which type of cash flow

Manufacturing overhead on the basis of machine-hours

Acitelli Corporation, which applies manufacturing overhead on the basis of machine-hours, has provided the following data for its most recent year of operations. Estimated man

Blends the characteristics of both debt and equity

A hybrid security is neither debt nor equity but instead derives its value from an nderlying asset. Preferred stock is considered a hybrid security because it blends the chara

Illustrate what is the largest variable cost per carton

Illustrate what is the largest variable cost per carton that can be paid and still achieve a profit of $1million.


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