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1. Why are corporate strategy and competitive strategy separated in diversified companies but not in single-business line companies? Do not define each. Why are they separated?

2. What is the single, primary underlying purpose of corporate strategy?

3. Define "inflection point" as it applies to the Product Life Cycle. Why is it important to strategists?

4. Is the portfolio analysis an analysis of industry or does it represent an analysis of a firm's product?

5.What determines how we apply our individual ethical standards?

6.What is the one, underlying asset necessary for building a capable organization?

7.Should a company's accounting department be centralized or decentralized? Why?

8 If our company were selling laptop computers out of the same building to the city government, select businesses, and end-user consumers for home use, which alternative organizational structure would be most effective? Why?

9.Is the use of Total Quality Management as a tool for improving business performance more about strengths? Or, is it more about opportunities? Why?

10.How is leadership "different" from management? Do not define each. How are they different?

Reference no: EM13927504

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