Shocks unemployment rises when inflation increases

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In normal circumstances when inflation increases unemployment falls and when inflation gets lower unemployment rises but why it is that in shocks unemployment rises when inflation increases.

Reference no: EM132184438

About the financial ramifications of her decision

Yolanda is a licensed marriage counselor in Oklahoma and earns an annual salary of $40,000 there. She recently learned that marriage counselors earn $55,000 per year in Kansas

The family and medical leave act

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) guaranteed maternity leave to many working women across the U.S. However, the law only applied to firms with 50-or-more employe

Tourism economics relating to passengers load factors

How an airline executive might use tourism economics relating to passengers load factors, ticket prices discounts, frequent flyers programs, joint fares, flight frequencies.

Calculate the magnitude of the deadweight loss resulting

Two hundred paper mills compete in the paper market. The total cost of production (in dollars) for each mill is given by the formula TC = 500Qmill + (Qmill) 2 where Qmill indi

Explain the concept of a reservation wage

Mr. Dilatoriness has a PhD in economics, but is happily unemployed; he spends most of his time reading classical literature, art and philosophy. He gets $ 3000 a week from his

What types of data are retail stores currently collecting

Play Around Toys Inc. operates stores in different regions of the country. The senior management of Play Around Toys Inc. has decided to tailor the merchandise selection for e

Illustrate what are corresponding average tax rates

For proportional tax system presented in table 7, illustrate what are average tax rates for people earning $50,000, $100,000 and $200,000. Illustrate what are corresponding

About the financial repression

Some politicians and financial/economists argue that the U.S. must embark upon an era of “financial repression” in which wealth must be kept from fleeing the country and must


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