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The Alligator Lock Company is planning a two-for-one stock split. You own 5,000 shares of Alligator's common stock that is currently selling for $120 a share. What is the value of your Alligator stock now, and what will it be after the split? Alligator's CFO says that the value of the shares will decline less than proportionately with the split because the stock is now out of its trading range. If the decline is 45%, how much will the split make you?

Reference no: EM131041184

Do you believe your choice stock to be fairly priced

Comment on your findings. Based on the P/E ratio, do you believe your choice stock to be fairly priced, a ‘value,' or overpriced as compared to a peer and the industry as a

Loan amortization-compounding quarterly

Find out the payment necessary to amortize loan of $10,000 if interests rate is 8% compound quarterly and there are 20 quarterly payments.

Problem regarding the company wacc

Miller Manufacturing has a target debt-equity ratio of .50. Its cost of equity is 14 percent, and its cost of debt is 8 percent. If the tax rate is 38 percent, what is the c

What is the probability that the student

Suppose that a certain college class contains 40 students. Of these 26 are juniors, 27 are history majors, and 10 are neither. A student is selected at random from the class

Internet regarding the differences in culture

Conduct research using the online library, your text book and the Internet regarding the differences in culture, management styles, and communication strategies between the

Construct floribama’s cash budget for the next three months

Employees' wages represent 15 percent of the sales price, and monthly rent is $15,000. The company currently has no cash, but its target cash balance is $6,000. Construct Fl

Audience in a business presentation

In a 250-300 word response, describe how you would build rapport with your audience in a business presentation. What motivational strategies have you used in the past that w

Explain what is projects expected rate of return

What is the project's expected rate of return for the next year (defined as the incremental profit divided by the investment)? Should the firm make the investment? Why or wh


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