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Let's start to share informative speech topics. If you are going back and forth between two (or more) topics, ask your peers for feedback. Why did you choose this topic? Is it something that you already know about, or something that you want to know more about? As you read and discuss each other's topics, make sure to help each other stay informative (no opinions, no arguing of positions).

Reference no: EM132184105

Critical review of the current market for online education

Your task is to provide a critical review of the current market for online education as well as providing an overview and definition of what online education is and how it w

World-sheet reparameterization

Consider the string at r = 0. Which of the combinations in ( 12.151) reparameterizes the a coordinate of the string while keeping r = O? When r = 0 is preserved, the world-s

Analyse the data and draw conclusions

The optimum conditions occur at one of the actual test combinations because all four design factors were treated as qualitative. With continuous factors, the optimal conditi

Develop a two-compartment model for dilantin

Develop a two-compartment model for Dilantin, where the rate of change of absorption from the stomach to the blood serum is proportional to the amount of drug in the stomach

Explain forms-based-authentication

Discuss authorization and authentication and explain forms-based-authentication. Describe the use of the ControlToValidate, Validation expression, ErrorMessage, and Enabled

Cpi rating for the processor

The L1 miss penalty is 40 cycles and the L2 miss penalty is 400 cycles. What would be the effective (i.e., average) CPI rating for the processor with these cache miss rates?

Select processor or disk for economical view

Similary there is set of disk drives for $7000 which promises two and half times the throughout of your existing disks. Then in economical view whether processor or disk is

Hardware and software needed to secure

Write a 3- to 5-page paper that includes the following based on your chosen Virtual Organization: Identify hardware and software needed to secure your recommended network agai


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