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Let's start to share informative speech topics. If you are going back and forth between two (or more) topics, ask your peers for feedback. Why did you choose this topic? Is it something that you already know about, or something that you want to know more about? As you read and discuss each other's topics, make sure to help each other stay informative (no opinions, no arguing of positions).

Reference no: EM132184105

Explain the five steps to creating a basic presentation

Write a response that answers the following questions: List and explain the five steps to creating a basic Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. How would these steps differ i

Write a description based on the 5-number summary

Super Bowl wins. In the Super Bowl, by how many points does the winning team outscore the losers? Here are the winning margins for the first 43 Super Bowl games: 25, 19, 9,

Amount of fencing mabel needs to purchase

If the pool is located at the coordinates (1, 5), (5, 8), (4, 1), and (8, 4), what is the amount of fencing Mabel needs to purchase? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

What needs to be done to avoid such problem

Based on our class discussion regarding E-R Diagrams, if an attribute is appearing in a number of entity sets does this situation lead to the issue of data redundancy? If ye

Explain legal reasons for not performing examination

Legal reasons for not performing examination on suspect's computer, but sometimes you have to compromise. If we make compromise, is it acceptable by court?

Determine the axial length of the runner vanes at inlet

A Francis turbine operates at its maximum efficiency point at η0 = 0.94, corresponding to a power specific speed of 0.9 rad. The effective head across the turbine is 160 m a

Effective code of ethics and business conduct

Craft your response as a "recipe" for an effective code of ethics and business conduct (e.g. two portions professional conduct, half a portion of fairness, one portion respe

Number of students in line to request

A calculus workshop opens at 10:00am and stops accepting new students at 8:00pm. The number of students in line to request help t hours after opening is n(t) = 130"""(t - 1)


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