Sexual dimorphism among primates refers-natural selection
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1. Natural selection is

a. Just one of a number of processes that can lead to evolution

b. A peculiar and misleading concept of life.
c. Another term for artificial selection through random mating.

d. An alternative name for anthropology.

2. The complete understanding of how genetic change figures into changing life forms is called:

a. The theory of evolution by natural selection.   b.Intelligent design by the hand of God.
c. Creationist theory of human origins. d. The synthetic theory of evolution.

3. Long term gradual changes in a species over millions of years is an example of:

a. Random evolution.   b. Microevolution   c. Macroevolution.   d.Natural selection

4. Which of the following is NOT true about Australopithecus?

a. They live from 5 m.y.a. and lived to about 1 m.y.a.

b. They were only occasionally bipedal.

c. There were both gracile and robust forms.

d. They had a foramen magnum that indicated bipedality.

5. Evolution can result from any of the following processes EXCEPT:

a. Mutation   b. Catastrophism   c. Non-random mating   d. Gene flow

6. The Founder Effect is an example of:

a. Natural selection   b. Mutation c.Genetic Drift   d. Lactose Intolerance

7. Genetic mutations can be caused by any of the following EXCEPT:

a. DNA base insertions. b.Modified crossing over of genes c. Genetic recombination. d.Genetic inversions.

8. The earliest arrival of Homo sapiens in the Americas is dated at:

a.      6,000 B.P. b. 8,000 B.P. c. 13,500 B.P. d. 40,000 B.P. e. 65,000 B.P.

9. Charles Lyell was a geologist who was a strong advocate of ______________________ and helped Darwin develop his ideas about evolution.

a. The inheritance of acquired characteristics. b. Catastrophism. c.Evolution by natural selection. d. Uniformitarianism.

10. He wrote an essay on the principles of populations that greatly influenced Darwin:

a. Indiana Jones. b.Thomas Malthus. c.Bishop Ussher. d.Karol Linnaeus.

11.   Homo erectus evolved all of the following key Homo sapiens traits EXCEPT:

a. Hunting rather than scavenging for meat.   b. Symbolic behavior   c. Ability to travel long distances.

d. Use of culture for survival.

12. Which of the following is NOT a primate characteristic:

a. The opposable thumb   b. The ability to learn new behaviors   c. Relatively long periods of infant dependency

d. Detailed genetic programming of nearly all behavior

13. Which of the following is TRUE about Prosimians:

a. They have more stimulus-response areas in their brains than apes. b.They have claws rather than nails.

c. Their greatest numbers are found in Madagascar.   d.They are also known as catarrhines.

14. It appears fairly certain that Neandertals believed in the supernatural and practiced what may be called religious rituals. The evidence comes from

a. deliberate burials. b. artifacts of bone. c. sculpted figures.   d. hafted tools.

15. Sexual dimorphism among primates refers to:

a. Bisexuality in men rather than women.   b. Single-female harems of male concubines.

c. Non-human primate tendencies to be promiscuous. d. Body size differentials between males and females.

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