Settle her case at the pre-trial hearing

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Q. Mable has balanced the cost against the benefit of bringing a lawsuit against Harvey. She has decided to sue him for monies owed to her as per a contract the two entered into. Elucidate however, she would much rather settle her case at the pre-trial hearing. If you were advising her about the statistics of cases which settle before they go to trial, illustrate what would you tell her



Reference no: EM1382716

What are some other characteristics of specific inventory it

For example, when I worked in a Ford assembly plant, we had to be careful to not order too many radios or too many airbags.  The reason is that we had to keep these items in l

Debate whether the operations of virtual organizations

bus 515- Debate whether the operations of virtual organizations exacerbate brick-and-mortar organizations' existing problems or whether they create new problems. Provide spe

Explain challenges of managing a multi-cultural team

Explain Challenges of managing a multi-cultural team. Recommendations for improving communications within a multi-cultural team. Modeling and leading diversity acceptance and

Stock price and number of shares outstanding

Obtain the financial information you need for Home Depot.a. Go to, enter Home Depot's stock symbol (HD) and go to "Summary Quotes" onthe left-hand side. Get the c

Ceo of abc washing machine company

Unit VIII Essay Answer the following essay questions using a minimum of three sources for each response. Your paper should be at leastthree pages in length and use APA style g

Reduces absenteeism and tardiness

Motivation improves productivity and efficiency, reduces absenteeism and tardiness, promotes creativity and innovation, fosters independent and team cooperation, develops fo

Fulfill project-manning requirements

Does one functional department shall be allow to "borrow" (on a short-term basis) people from another functional department in order to fulfill project-manning requirements?

Implementing change within an organization

What types of obstacles/objections do leaders face from stakeholders when implementing change within an organization? What strategies can leaders use to work with stakeholders


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