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The labor relations manager of a large corporation wished to study the absenteeism among workers at the company's central office during the last year. A random sample of 25 workers revealed the following: an average of 9.7 days; a standard deviation of 4.0 days; and 12 employees were absent more than 10 days. Set up a 95% confidence interval estimate of the proportion of workers absent more than 10 days last year.

Reference no: EM13767765

Calculate the shewhart monitoring limits

Calculate the ARL and look at the chart to see if the number looks about right. Use the time information in the raw data and your ARL value to calculate how many minutes bet

Average of three english courses with a standard

1.) The mean number of English courses taken in a two-year time period by male and female college students is believed to be about the same. An experiment is conducted and dat

In an analysis of hunting by african lions biologists filmed

In an analysis of hunting by African lions, biologists filmed prey captures from the safety of their vehicles.  Prey captures were then divided into a sequence of events.   On

Describe how plants evolved from seedless to seeds

Descriptions, such as, PCR, STR, gene drift, gene pool, describe how plants evolved from seedless to seeds, non vascular to vascular, logistic growth, exponential growth, desc

What is the distribution of the number of errors missed

Missing 4 or more out of 10 errors seems a poor performance. What is the probability that a proofreader who catches 70% of word errors misses 4 or more out of 10?

Describe relation between origin and overal design quality

Set up rows corresponding to the United States and Europe, and set up columns corresponding to the ratings "among the best" through "the rest." Describe any apparent relatio

Confidence interval for the population mean

A random sample of 15 items is taken, producing a sample mean of 2.364 with a sample variance of 0.81. Assumexis normally distributed and construct a 90% confidence interval f

Standard deviation of the sampling distribution of sample

1. The scores of students on the ACT college entrance examination in a recent year had a normal distribution with a mean of 18.6 and a standard deviation of 5.9. A simple rand


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