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Followers want their leaders to lead by example, setting the standards and enforcing the same standards that will make the organization successful. Some of the following expectations that followers want from their want from their leaders as mentioned in the textbook isto behonest, stability, commitment, forward-thinking,inspiring,competent and most importantly is to be supportive (Draft, 2011, p. 212).Followers want leaders who can demonstrate that he or she cares about the people first by knowing them on a professional level as well as on a personal level, and then getting the task accomplished. Leaders must always give their followers the chance to contribute and not denied them the opportunity to, because their vision and ideas could be worth making the organization better.

Followers must have a clear picture of what the organization stands for, which is why it is important for leaders to communicate effectively with their followers so that they can get clarity and understanding of where the organization is heading. Having feedback is very important, when having that first initial feedback with your supervisor or leader, he or she will let their subordinate know what the standards are and what he or she expects from you, now it's up to the subordinate to maintain those standards or exceeding it. It's always a good thing when leaders give them a second feedback, more like a midterm feedback, that way they will let them know what they need to work on and or improved in certain areas, if they have maintained or exceeds the standards.

Reference: Draft, R. L. (2011) - The leadership experience

Reference no: EM1371996

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