Service transition and the change management process
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Service Transition has several ITIL processes as part of the book. Most organizations focus on Change Management because it is the focus of many IT audits.


1. Research at least two case studies involving Service Transition and the Change Management Process.

2. Describe the general summary of the case studies.

3. Discuss the implementation of Change Management.

4. Discuss any challenges the (subjects) faced with implementing Change Management.

5. Discuss their classification of RFC's - Routine, Standard, Normal or any variation.

Present the paper in APA Standard as follows:

1. Title page in APA format

2. Table of Contents (optional)

3. Abstract that summarizes what you are doing in this paper

4. Case study number one (keep items brief but cover the topics)
a. Do items 2-5 above
b. Include in-text citations where appropriate

5. Start a new page and the present Case Study number two (keep items brief but cover the topics)
a. Do items 2-5 above
b. Include in-text citations where appropriate

6. Start a new page and insert your references.


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The paper deals with the study of two case studies and how they implement change management in their organisation.The challenges and the type of change is also discussed here.

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    Service Transition Assignment, questions and guidelines are mentioned in the attached document. Plagiarism free and scholarly references please! Thank you.

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