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A fast food restaurant currently has 2 cashiers. Upon arrival, customers form a single line and place their food order at the next available register. Assume that customers arrive at the rate of 35 per hour. It takes an average of 3 minutes to place and process each customer's order. Assume that the arrival rate follows a Poisson distribution and service time follows an exponential distribution. To determine the efficiency of operations, the cafeteria manager wishes to examine several queue operating characteristics. Based upon the analysis, the manager believes that if the average waiting time per customer in the system is greater than 8 minutes, then a request for an additional employee should be made. Should the manager make a request to hire an additional employee?.

Reference no: EM13961652

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It’s important for individuals and families to discuss health care preferences before a critical illness situation occurs. Advance care planning is the process of planning for

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In December 1991, NSI contracted to provide laundry service for Secrist’s nursing home for a three-year period. Secrist used the service until March 1993, when she unilaterall

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Discuss an ethical or legal situation involving healthcare from your personal or professional life that you or someone you know experienced. Was that person treated unfairly?

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How are decisions made concerning operations, investing in specific projects while excluding others, make or buy manufacturing decisions, vendor/supplier selection, and pricin

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Using the factor-rating method, what is the recommended site for Eagle Electronics's new facility - b) For what range of values for the weight (currently w7 = 10) does the si

What is the most important things did learn

What is the most important thing(s) did learn from this assignment that will assist you in becoming a more effective manager? You set up your responses however you deem fit. B

Determine the maximum line length

Determine the average time callers wait to have their calls answered for each period and the probability that a caller will have to wait for each period. Determine the maximum

What is the standard deviation of usage during lead time

If it takes a supplier 25 days to deliver an order once it has been placed and the standard deviation of daily demand is 20, what is the standard deviation of usage during


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