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You are required to select an organisation and prepare a report, together with recommendations based on the following scenario.

1. You have been hired by your service based company to review aspects of its service delivery and make appropriate recommendations.

2. Choose an organisation such as a major hotel, transport company or restaurant. The organisation should have a sufficiently complex service operation. You need to consult with your lecturer regarding your choice of organisation before commencing.

3. Analyse and critically evaluate the service standards and delivery of your chosen organisation. This will include benchmarking against similar organisations in the same industry as well as potentially others to obtain key insights.

4. Based on your evaluation develop a blueprint of your proposed service operation. Ensure you fully describe each aspect of the service delivery.

5. Develop processes to support each aspect within your blueprint.

6. Prepare a report detailing your review and analysis, together with your proposed recommendations. Ensure your provide a detailed blueprint in your report (this should be included as an appendix).

7. Your report should be based on the following principles

a. Base your judgements on specific findings discussed in various readings and lectures, supported by your own research.

b. Your recommendation for change must be supported by further readings relevant to the company or industry.

c. You are required to appropriately reference your paper using the Harvard style of referencing.

Prepare a 2,000 word report outlining your findings and appropriate recommendations based on the evidence you provide and the conclusions you draw.

• Ensure your report is appropriately reference using the Harvard style of referencing and uploaded on the Turnitin link provided in the Week 11 area.

Reference no: EM13951223

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