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Your business, a closely held corporation with 4 other shareholders, is in serious financial trouble. A lender has suggested that it might provide lending if you could reduce your current debt load by 50%. You have some good contracts that should yield profitable results over the next year, but the collective bargaining agreement with your employees may prove to be unduly burdensome. Choose the best option and, in not less than two double spaced pages, defend your choice.

Reference no: EM1323168

About balanced scorecard and competing forces

what have you learned about balanced scorecard/competing forces? Are measures missing? What measures are superior? What is your root cause analysis of what makes an organizati

Many factors that impact our marketing efforts

Many factors that impact our marketing efforts, are out of our control. Please provide an example of an external factor that had an impact on an organization. Please tell us i

Reference portfolio of credit-card-backed securities

Danimark Investment Bank has decided to structure and market a new securities product to its clients. The securities are collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) directly tied t

Show what is the probability

What is the probability that this individual has the disease if, in the population as a whole, it is estimated that 1 in 10 people have the disease and what is the probabili

Discuss factors that influence the manufacturing process

By taking as an example a product or a service from an industry that you are familiar with, critically discuss the main factors that influence the manufacturing/service proc

Compensation insurance under retrospective rating plan

Dragon-Dungeon Builders, Inc. has decided to buy workers' compensation insurance under a retrospective rating plan. The insurer providing this retrospective rating plan must p

Faced with brutal price competition from low cost carriers

Faced with brutal price competition from low cost carriers, Goliath Airlines is hemorrhaging money. The airline’s president, Fred Goliath, calls the mechanic’s union represent

Organization to promote security awareness and education

Part of your job in an organization to promote security awareness and education. Research and post two examples of how you could educate users and bring awareness. You will be


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