Sensory and perceptual abilities of newborns

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In the past, researchers underestimated the sensory and perceptual abilities of newborns. Based on the information presented in this chapter, describe what a newborn may experience in the first day of life. This summary should be at least half a page in length. You are more than welcome to take on the perspective of the baby if you are feeling creative, but make sure that the information you are providing is true to what research shows is possible ON THE FIRST DAY OF LIFE. REMEMBER these chapter assignments are my way of assessing your knowledge, make sure you discussing the information you have learned!  Pay close attention to the words I have bolded. Once you complete the assignment, go back and check that you correctly addressed the requirements of this assignment.  Many times students become lost in their creative "flow" and forget to address the assignment's requirements. 

Reference no: EM131119560

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