Selleck has recently started the manufacture of recrobo a
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Selleck has recently started the manufacture of RecRobo, a three wheeled robot that can scan ahome for fires and gas leaks and then transmit this information to a mobile phone. The cost structure to manufacture 20,100 RecRobo's is as follows.

  • Direct materials ( $40 per robot) $804,000
  • Direct labor ($30 per robot) 603,000
  • Variable overhead ($4 per robot ) 80,400
  • Allocated fixed overhead ($25 per robot) 502,500
  • Total 1,989,900

Selleck is approached by Padong Inc. which offers to make RecRobo for $89 per unit or $1,788,900. Use incremental analysis determine whether Selleck should accept this offer under each of the following independent assumptions.
Assume that $321,600 of the fixed overhead cost can be reduced (avoided).

  • Make buy net income increase/decrease
  • Direct materials
  • Direct labor
  • Variable overhead
  • Fixed overhead
  • Purchase price
  • Total annual cost

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