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Part I: Select a piece of real estate (residential, commercial, warehouse, land). Any number of resources can be used ( is one option). You will need to include a listing sheet/link with your submitted assignment.

Part II: Determine a down payment. A standard down payment is 20%, however you may offer justification for any amount/percent you choose.

Part III: Research 2 different financing options

Part IV: Use Excel (or other approved spread sheet) to create a complete amortization schedule for the life of both financing options.

Part V: Write an analysis that compares and contrasts the two financing options in detail. Be specific. Include justifications for selecting an option.

Reference no: EM13892467

Determining the annual dividend

Company GHI has a common stock with a market value of $54.50 and an annual dividend of $1.25. Company JKL has a common stock with a market value of $47.00 and an annual divi

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The initial proceeds a bond, the size of issue, the initial maturity of bond, and the years remaining to maturity are shown in the following table for a number of bonds.

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During 2015 Courtland Corp. had sales of $900,000. Cost of goods sold, administrative and selling expenses, and depreciation expenses were $380,000, $93,000, and $73,000 res

Options market hedge

1.  Describe an “Options Market Hedge”; what would you purchase if you expected a curency to appreciate and what would you purchase if you expected a currency to depreciate? W

Compute the economic value added

This machine will cost $10 million and will produce cash flows of $1 million and the end of every year forever. The appropriate cost of capital is 8%. Compute the economic

What is dustvac pre-merger wacc

New debt would be issued to finance the acquisition and retire the old debt, and this new debt would have an interest rate of 8%. Currently, the risk-free rate is 6.0% and t


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