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A security dealer recommends two types of investments A and B to his client Investment A returns 6% and B 8%.The client has almost Rs 100000 to invest. The client wants the total annual returns to be at least Rs 7000 and at least 2/5th of the amount to be invested in investment B. The security dealer gets 5% of the income from investment A and 4% of the income from investment B. Construct the mathematical for the problem to maximize the total fee of the security dealer.

Reference no: EM131152444

The standard time for this job in minutes

A job has a normal time of 12 minutes, a performance rating of .80, and an allowance factor of 20 percent of job time. The standard time for this job in minutes is: 11.52

Identify a contemporary management challenge

Identify a contemporary management challenge (e.g. diversity, globalism, ethics & social responsibility, etc.). Then, identify a company or organization that you believe has

Give an example of recent regulatory reform

Give an example of a recent regulatory reform or change in federal or state laws that are intended to promote competition among financial intermediaries and how they are to do

Compute forecasts for remaining five months

subsequent tabulations are actual sales of units for 6 months and a starting forecast in January. Compute forecasts for remaining 5months using simple exponential smoothing wi

Actions examples of organizational politics

In the mid-1990s, the CEO of Apple Computer invited the late Steve Jobs (who was not associated with the company at the time) to serve as a special adviser and raise morale am

Use the low-level-coded bill-of-materials

One unit of A is made of one unit of B and one unit of C. B is made of four units of C and one unit each of E and F. C is made of two units of D and one unit of E. E is made o

Tentative budget-increase in budgeted net operating income

Sun Company's tentative budget for next year is as follows. Assuming that Johnston's proposal is incorporated into the budget, what should be the increase in the budgeted net

Will a new control system be adequate for the problem

Stone worth Paving Company specializes in highway paving jobs for state of Virginia. When the State first awarded Stone worth the contract, they stipulated a 1% penalty for ea


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