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Secretion of the hormone ADH may decrease or stop if the pituitary's posterior lobe is damaged, as by a blow to the head. This is one cause of diabetes insipidus. People with this form of diabetes excrete so much dilute urine that they may become seriously dehydrated. Where are the target cells of ADH?

Reference no: EM132280414

What is the first step in the formation of soil

1. What is the first step in the formation of soil? 2. How is the soil texture that develops from decomposing sandstone likely to be different from soil that develops from s

Form of asexual reproduction in plants

What name is given to a form of asexual reproduction in plants where structures become detached from the parent plant and develop into new plants genetically identically to

Consequence to earths ecosystems

What would be the consequence to Earth's ecosystems if the ozone layer were to completely dissipate? Are certain organisms, landscapes, environments more at risk if this we

How can material be moved through the lymphatic system

Explain why the lymphatic system is a one-way system and the cardiovascular system is a two way system. How can material be moved through the lymphatic system? how does the

Discuss the nuclear reactions within the reactor of a nuclea

Discuss the nuclear reactions within the reactor of a nuclear power plant? Contrast the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima Da-Ichi incidents with respect to the cause

Define the 2 nonstandard amino acids in the urea cycle

Which 2 amino acids donate amino groups to other compounds for nitrogen metabolism? What citric acid cycle intermediate can be converted to aspartic acid upon acceptance of

Temperature range and daily fluctuation

Are temperature range and daily fluctuation of an individual similar to those oi the parents and does the daily/nightly pattern of high/low temperature differ in different peo

The two main functions of the trycarboxylic acid

Dialysis patients, who will have blood withdrawn, dialyzed, then replaced, are always weighed while they enter the facility and then weighed carefully before they leave. What


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