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Lynn and Laurie are married and have two children, Josh (15 years old) and Julie (19 years old). Laurie works for Fox Corporation as a drilling superintendent. Lynn runs an internet business, Handy Hints, from their home that provides handyman advice.

During 2014, they received the following interest and dividends:

Second Bank saving account interest $200

Marble School district bonds 180

Saber Corporation bonds 1,900

Hi-Flow Corporation dividends (qualifying) 450

In addition, they sold the following investments during the year:


Sale Date

Purchase Date

Sales Price

Commission Paid


Doonbeg Inc.






Troon Corporation






Augusta Motors






The Form 1099 Lynn and Laurie received from their broker indicated total sales of $24,660 (i.e., sales were reported net of commissions).

Required:  Based on the information provided above, only fill out appropriate portion of From 1040, From 1040 Schedule B, and From 1040 Schedule D.

Reference no: EM13849492

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