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Seattle based American Medical Response (AMR) which provides EMT services to the Seattle area is going through a change regarding their pay scaled the cost of living in the Seattle area seems to be going up every year. The union wants higher wages and better health care for the workers the starting pay for EMT’S is 15.54 an hr. Maxing out at 24 an hr. minimum wage in Seattle just went up to 16.00 an hr. in January the union wants the new startingpayto be at 17 hr. starting out maxing out at 27 an hr. Employees are not showing up to work and the resistance is very strong the company must work together with the union to avoid a major strike that could impact the response of EMT services in the Seattle area. The company's argument for not wanted to raise the salary of EMT personnel isdue to the fact thatthey are not funded by the city of Seattle and they make their money of the fees they charge their patients when they provide emergency services. AMR has not agreed to the new pay scale offer by the union, this could hurt patients that need medical transportation and the Seattle fire department which counts on AMR for their support.

What could have been done differently?

Reference no: EM132280934

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