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Business climate

French producers of foie gras (fattened duck or goose liver) worried about _____ when they heard of California's plans to enact a law banning the sale of the delicacy.

import taxes

purchasing power

policy uncertainty

U.S. startup, MotorShoes, sells athletic shoes with wheels and a small motor that can allow the wearer to reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour using a handheld remote control. Company founders think the shoes would sell well in big cities with large commuter bases. When searching for countries to expand sales to, the founders would want to identify countries with:

high political risk

high purchasing power

low market growth

low GDP

Reference no: EM132280902

How can a manager evaluate the effectiveness

What is the trade-off between operator-performed maintenance versus supplier-performed maintenance? - How can a manager evaluate the effectiveness of the maintenance function?

Representatives of a company

Avatars are virtual characters that can be used as representatives of a company that is using the Internet as a distribution channel. For instance, avatars can be used as sh

Fitter''s current sales order accounting processes

Fitter's current sales order accounting processes involves recording sales in each division and then periodically sending certain sales data to Accounting for invoicing and fi

United nations human rights council

Research the organizational structure of the United Nations Human Rights Council. What are the goals of the organization? How is it structured to accomplish those goals? Dis

Identify toyotas capabilities and core competencies

Identify Toyota's capabilities and core competencies. How is Toyota placed internally to effectively implement the initiative proposed by Akio Toyoda? What should Akio Toyod

Micro economics-perfect competition

Your t-shirt company operates in a perfectly competitive market. It is currently producing at an output level of 200 units per month. Fixed Costs are $500/month. At the curr

Solemn contract between the patient and physician

The doctrine of informed consent is a solemn contract between the patient and physician, that is, liability is predicated upon the failure of the health care provider to und

Sbc ebit and net income

SBC pays interest on its debt equal to $30,000 per year and its marginal tax rate is 35 percent. (a) Compute at SBC's DOL, DFL, and DTL. (b) If sales turn out to be $588,000


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