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Required data on criminals using todays technology (computers) to steal identities. I need to follow the outline below. I'm running out of information. I need to describe the scientific principles behind a computer technology and describe how social, political, economic or ethical impact of computers on our cultural structures and beliefs.

Criminals Using Today's Technology to Steal Identities
I. Introduction

II. Understanding the Concept of Identity Theft
A. Types of Information Used in Identity Theft
B. Typical Victims of Identity Theft
C. The Magnitude of the Damage to Victims

III. How computers and the Internet are Used to Stealing Identities
A. Methods of stealing Identities
1. Online Auction Fraud
B. The evolvement of technology and how it plays a role in identity theft
1. Internet Scams, Spoofing, and Phishing

IV. Conclusion
A. Avoiding being a victim of identity theft
B. Identify Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998
C. Protection Against Identify Theft


Reference no: EM1379534

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