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Your team is working on the opportunity assessment when you are notified there will be room on the agenda of the senior executive monthly meeting for you to present your results. There is great excitement about this assessment, and the senior executives don't want to wait. As you didn't anticipate getting in front of them until late next month, this is great news. Next month's meeting is no longer an option for you because the agenda is being taken over by the results of an audit. Waiting two more months will not allow the company to take advantage of the current project's timelines. However, the meeting is early next week, and you are less than one-half complete with the assessment activities as you planned them.

  • Revise your schedule for the opportunity assessment to be prepared for the meeting next week. You will not have access to any other resources; however, you might be able to negotiate the resources to be available for more than 20 hours this week and next.
  • Justify your schedule changes, describing any tasks you are cutting, dependencies you are changing, resource allocations you are modifying, etc.
  • Address the impact on the project parameters as a result of these changes.

Reference no: EM13809834

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