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Assignment: Ethical Analysis

Consider the case, Nurses caught between a rock and a hard place.

Answer the following


1) Which ethical principles are being violated in this scenario according to the ANA Ethics Definitions?

2) Which Code of Ethics provision best describes the nurse's dilemma in this situation?

3) Where might the nurses at Memorial Hospital find resources to help in intervening to resolve their moral dilemma? Copy the questions to a document and respond with your answers.


Hoglund, B. A. (2013). Practicing the code of ethics, finding the image of God. Journal of Christian Nursing, 30(4), 228-233

Review:ANA Ethics Definition.

Review:ANA Code of Ethics.

Attachment:- nurses caught between a rock and a hard place.rar


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The assignment is to provide answers on the ethical and moral issues related to Nursing Practice in concern to the case given in the assignment. There were 3 questions and the word limit was 800, but referencing specification was not mentioned. I have given answer to all the 3 questions and have referenced in APA style.

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The given case “Nurses Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place” is an classical example of violation of Deontological and the Utilitarianism principles. Deontological ethics are scripted to judge the morals and fundamentals of the duty and decisions taken by the practitioners. It sets certain rules to guide the practitioners to decide their actions to be implemented on the patients. According to this ethic the nurses should decide depending on the situation of the patient rather than the estimated outcome of the situation and should have humanity in their practice (Mappes, &Zembaty, 1981).

Next is the Utilitarianism ethical principle. This principle supports the practices which are best for the patients. According to this principle, the practitioner should provide the best method to the patient which will give a good and valuable outcome. This takes happiness for the patients as well as the practitioners as the most important aspects for all the policies and practices related to the health of the public.

In the given case, the higher officials were ignoring the advices of the nurses which can be useful for the patients and this is violating the principles dealing with the morality and fundamentals of the practitioners. The seniors should have listened to the nurses so that if there is any problem to the patient then he can be treated immediately with comfort. This is also violating the utilitarianism principle as the patients were in discomfort and are unsatisfied with the hospital employees (Hoglund, 2013).

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