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1. ________________ was the scathingly critical English author who wrote Domestic Manners of the Americans.

2. The wave of religious revivalism that swept much of America in the early nineteenth century was known as __________________________.

3. In 1844, followers of William Miller expected the world to end; when it did not, most of their religious beliefs were incorporated by a new denomination, _____________________.

4. The Mormons were led to their Utah Zion by _____________.

5. The American author of The Leatherstocking Tales who was popular in England was _____________________.

6. To cut down on alcohol consumption, Massachusetts in 1838 passed the ______________ law.

7. _______________ pioneered education for the deaf in the United States.

8. The ___________ system of prison reform kept convicts in strict solitary confinement so that they could meditate on their wrongdoing.

9. Members of the Order of the Star-Spangled Banner were popularly known as _____________.

10. The birthplace of American feminism was ____________, a small town in New York State.

Reference no: EM13170027

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