Scandal and the ikea tip-over furniture hazard

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8-10 page Ethics Paper (not including reference section) Instructions are below.

You are required to use APA style for this paper.

Your paper must be in 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.

You are required to (1) Summarize (briefly describe), (2) compare (how they are alike), and (3) contrast (how they are different) the ethical dilemmas presented by Wells Fargo "fake account" scandal and the Ikea "tip-over" furniture hazard. Be sure to compare and contrast the scandals AND how they were handled. You are also required to give your own opinion, and the reasons for your opinion, of each of the two cases.

You are required to use a MINIMUM OF FIVE references. Note that Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference.

Reference no: EM131438866

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